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Piper Tech Understands Data Centers’ Unique Requirements

  • Your top priority is maintaining computing systems that provide scalability, flexibility, and high availability to internal and external customers 8760 (24/7).
  • You require a cabling and network installation service provider that can deploy and repair wireless and wired systems quickly.
  • You want a reliable partner to provide both electrical and network installation services and understands and can meet your strict need for security.
  • You want a service provider that can give you immediate “feet on the street” capabilities for your cabling and systems to get you up and running quickly.

Piper Tech is Your Comprehensive Source for Data Center Facility Networking

Piper Tech has the experience to manage your cabling and network installation needs across a wide range of data center environments:

  • Corporate Data Centers
  • Web Hosting Data Centers
  • Co-lo Facilities
  • Server Rooms/Closets
  • Raised-floor Environments

When you need structured cabling, networking and electrical services done right the first time, you need Piper Tech.

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